Monday, May 2, 2011

A little post about our Evelyn

Eve girl loves to play the playstation with daddy. She doesn't care that isnt't really playing, she just loves to hold the controller and watch.

Evelyn's middle name could easily be "mess machine"!! She is a walking, talking mess maker!!

Evelyn loves to sit on the potty, however she doesn't really love to go potty in the potty! She has been wanting to go potty in it lately which I am thrilled about, but at the same time already a little exhausted with the potty training idea. Sooner I start, the sooner its done I suppose.

This little sweet tooth loves cookes, but not the actual cookie itself, she just loves the middles!! I walked into the kitchen one day and found her doing this.....pretty funny.

Evelyn loves to read and be read to. Here she is with her Papa, reading her new owl book that she got from Nana and Papa. We are so happy to have this sweet little thing in our home. Its never a dull moment and we cannot get enough of her adorable personality and big brown eyes. Love you bug!!


Mohna said...

What fun little insights into sweet Evelyn!

Valerie said...

She is so beautiful! Good thing, eh? ;)

elizabeth said...

Emily, she is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. We feel so disconnected sometimes from the family, it's nice to catch up on how much our nieces and nephews have grown!